Mister Meaner

by Joey Alpha

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This is a concept album. I took favorite songs of mine out of my past (outside of the hip-hop realm), grabbed some samples out of them, and had my friends and producers Michael Anaya and Marc Martell produce some awesome music for me to write over.


released August 16, 2011



all rights reserved
Track Name: Micheal Larsen
I was starting early production for this album, which i wanted all to be mixes of old one hit wonder songs I loved, and I had my producer make a beat around the Guns N Roses song November Rain, which I have always loved. Around that time, I heard of Eyedea passing, and it affected me deeply. He was the inspiration to me taking my writing more seriously. I wanted to say thank you to him somehow...and I just started writing...and it came out. I am glad you like it, that means a lot to me. I am just sharing what he gave to all of us. I hope you share this song with your friends, together, one by one, we can realize that we are one and the only way to find peace with each other is for us all to first find peace with ourselves and who we are...which is beautiful beings...anyways...here are the lyrics man..

October Rain brought November Rain, thought I'd never see the day with a loss no gain, its not the same, sadness so tragic, someone explain to me what's after this-the best to ever pick up a pen, the wordsmith with a purpose won't sink in, how in the blink of an eye the disease creeps in sleeps then without reason keeps him and leaves them. I read your message in a bottle should've followed through I thought you knew that I too was given cement boots in this river were born into, our insides torn in two, wanting to ignore the truth not seeing their point of view. What I have is worth sharing still speaking through my speakers your ideas are my teachers with a universe between us through a black hole you can see us, the evolution of the secrets, the missing link to the pieces in our sequence.
From me to you, you knew the score, I told you before, my passion first born in the shadows of the shadows from the start, follow through with what you got, Olive juice Oliver Hart, Can't stop--Keep a smile even if life's got you by the throat don't choke, take it slow, the human race doesn't know, that the race is underway and playing catchup starts today so take my hand and walk this way, I brought a blanket in case you stay, the wierd side is paradise see you flying skydiver in the next spin cycle Micheal I will find ya--one life to give and you showered us with gifts, unwrapping while rapping showing us what's within, you will live in our heart soul and minds, your presence was divine not defined by your limits, I know you can hear this you are endless even with acceptance its transcendence what you left us and its how you blessed us

To Reach-To care
To Teach to share,
connect , accept, protect' what's here
embrace, to taste, don't waste, don't fear,
don't hate, don't wait, our time is near.
Let go, let life, love all, love right,
just be, just see, not you, not me
its us, its we, be one be free
keep on, keep strong---everlasting

Thanks for the love-Let's spread it-Joey